Midsummer Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Kreivilä Course Centre in Forssa, Finland

24.-26.6. 2022

Namaskar all friends of meditation

Welcome to enjoy three days of kiirtan, meditation, satsang, spiritual stories and meetings with Acharyas, surrounded by peaceful and mystical nature of the Finnish summer. The retreat will take place at Kreivilä course centre with good facilities by a lake side.

  • Campfire stories by the lake
  • Spiritual songs in the middle of nature
  • Slow guided asana exercises
  • Meditation in nature

The meditation instructors at the retreat will be Didi Dayashiila and, Dada Ragamayananda, Dada Bhavottaranda and others acharyas also.

Talks by competent speakers

  • Forest is our temple – Finnish mysticism — Sauli Siekkinen
  • Samgacchadvam – social guidance from ancient texts — Acharya Ragamayananda
  • Mysticism and Yoga — Acharya Ragamayananda

The meals will be prepared by teams of participants.

All participants and visitors are required to register by 20.6.

  • Bring your own pillow covers and bed sheets
  • Bring a yoga mat or blanket


Accomodation will be in rooms for 2-4 people. A spacious meditation hall, a fully equipped kitchen and a sauna by the lake will also be available.


  • Adults 120 euros
  • Children 10-16 years 50 percent
  • Students / unemployed 80 euros
  • Adults coming from abroad 100 euros

Friday 24th June
14.00 to 17.00 arrival, orientation to the venue, and surroundings, settling belongings into individual rooms.
17.00 Kiirtan and Meditation
18.00 Welcome, introduction games
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Dinner clean up
21.00 Evening walk, prepare for the bonfire.
22.30 singing and stories
24.00 Midnight meditation

Saturday 25th June:
05.00 Paincajanya
05.30 Individual practices / shower
06.30 Asana Class
07.30 Kiirtan and meditation
08.30 Svadhyaya, Dharma Shastra, Kaoshiiki and Tandava
09.00 Breakfast
09.45 Clean up
10.15 Class
11.15 Break
11.30 Class
12.30. Half bath
12.45 Kiirtan and meditation
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Clean up, Maonobrata, free time
15.00 Silent nature walk and then sharing the experience.
17.00 Asana class
18.00 Kiirtan and meditation
19.00 Svadhyaya and Dharma Shastra
19.30 Dinner
20.15 clean up
21.00 Prabhat samgiita and bhajans
22.30 Avarta Kiirtan
23.00 evening meditation

Sunday 26th June:
05.00 Paincajanya
05.30 Individual practices / shower
06.30 Asana class
07.30 Kiirtan and meditation
08.30 Svadhyaya and Dharma Shastra, Kaoshiiki and tandava
09.00 Breakfast
09.45 Clean up
10.00 Akhanda Kiirtan
13.00 meditation
13.30 Closing circle
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Collective Cleaning
16.30 Departure

You can contact us at:

You can also send us messages using the registration form above.

Address of the venue:
Kreivilä Course Centre
Kreiviläntie 219
31110 Matku (Forssa)

Arrival instructions

RyanAir and AirBaltic among others have flights to Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Several bus companies have connections to Forssa, these include