Through practising Asanas the internal organs and glands are gently massaged, stretched and squeezed in a way which harmonizes and optimizes their function. Weak organs and glands are strengthened while over-active organs and glands are calmed. The hormonal system of the body is brought into balance. This, together with strengthening the nervous system, is the main way in which yoga brings physical and mental balance.

Ananda Marga’s system of yoga helps the individual improve their general sense of well-being and health, thus building the foundation for deeper practices including meditation. Personalized instruction in asana and meditation is offered free of charge for those who have a sincere desire to develop their full potential through the regular practice of yoga. Yoga exercises, health practices and basic meditation techniques are taught in a class format. Advanced meditation techniques and personalized yoga exercises are taught individually. Ananda Marga teachers undergo a certified training and have many years of field experience.